Security Services

Red White And Blue Security has the resources and is able to provide Quality Security Guards and Security Services within a short time span. In many instances, our security guards may be the first point of contact for your customers. When guarding your premises they have to be capable of presenting a friendly and helpful demeanor while remaining constantly vigilant and ready to respond appropriately to potential threats to security .Our Guards have a 30+ year experience working 10000 + hr for secured following Industry

(A) Construction Sites,
(B) Residential and Gated Communities,
(C) Commercial and High Rise Buildings ,
(D) Banks and Financial Centers,
(E) Shopping Centers,
(F) Fast food Restaurants,
(G) Warehouses,
(H) Truck Yards ,
(I) Auto Manufacturers and their dealers,
(J) Industrial Plants and Manufacturing Facilities

(K) Oil and Natural Gas Drilling process and Refineries,
(L) Country Clubs,
(M) Motels, Hotels and Resorts ,
(N) Cruise Ships ,
(O) Commercial Fishing Boats at thé dock for Customs.
(P) Private Airports and their Hangers,
(Q) Temporary or Emergency Security Guard Services,
(R) Health Care Facilities,

(S) Religious Places (Nonprofit Organisations)
(T) Schools , College , Universities. Campuses
(U) Adult Care Centers
(V) Day Care Centers
(W) Zoo
(X) Convention and Exhibition Centers
(Y) All type of Farms
(Z) Cash Handling

Our aim is to ensure that your policy or post order is enforced fairly in all instances at your business.

The presence of one or more uniform security guards on site 24 hours a day 7 days a week has proven to be an extremely effective way of securing businesses and properties. Even though CCTV may be present, your business is still dependant on a physical presence to act quickly in the event of an incident If your premises are unoccupied at night, we understand it can be of great concern if you have irreplaceable information or valuable merchandise and equipment at your site.Uniform guards can be cost effective, efficient and visible deterrent.

The first impressions is the key to any corporate industry and your visitors will form their first impression from the behaviour and appearance of the first person they encounter, which is often the uniform security guards , The professional, uniform security guards we provide will greet your clients on arrival, direct or guide them to the correct part of the complex and deal with any queries they may have. As well as providing security to your staff, customers and property.

Red White And Blue Security provide a fast and professional mobile patrol service. We serve all kinds of clients The mobile patrol unit will arrive at no set time so no obvious pattern is set. Once on-site the uniform security guard will inspect the premise to ensure everything is intact and check for any visible sign of break-in. If there is any sign of damage or break-in the uniform security guard will secure the building and/or act accordingly with the clients requirements.

By using Red White And Blue Security your benefit from:

30 Years Experience
Licenced and Trained Uniform Guards
Dependant and Reliable
Access/egress control duties
Inputting access control data
Vehicle checks (interior/exterior)
All types of searches
Monitoring and recording contractor activities
Meeting, greeting and announcing visitors
Signing staff in/out
Covers general manned guarding duties
External patrol of site buildings and perimeters
Remote and onsite CCTV monitoring and surveillance
Monitoring of all types of alarm systems
Courier deliveries (accepting, recording and announcing)
Courier dispatches
Fire exit monitoring
Fault reporting
External patrol of site buildings and perimeters
Remote and onsite CCTV monitoring and surveillance
Check the alarm panel
Check for any visible sign of break in
Check all windows and doors
Check the perimeter
Backstage security
Traffic management
Crowd management
Dog search teams
Pit crews
Response and ejection security
Search teams
Turnstile security ( mechanical gate consisting of revolving horizontal arms fixed to a vertical post, allowing only one person at a time to pass through)

VIP escorts
Secure the building before leaving
Loss prevention
Conflict management
Reception duties
Interaction with Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Systems (Electronic article surveillance (EAS) alarm systems are triggered when someone leaves a store or building with a product having an active tag or label attached to it. EAS systems are often applied to prevent shoplifting in stores or theft of valuable properties from e.g. public buildings)
Radio communications
CCTV operations
Accident & Emergency strategies

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